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I napped as soon as I got home, fairly fitfully for 2 hours. And in that napping I dreamed. I don't feel like typing the whole thing out (really, the idea of it bores me. Hmm, that might bear some examinging. I wonder if I'd be more willing to write it down as soon as I woke up instead of typing it after some time has passed), but here's a part of it. I was visiting someone who I know in real life, somone I don't think I would date. Subtle glances and body cues led to a kiss, which became more passionate. This is the weird part: she told me something (I forget the exact words) that said that I could kiss her lips and I could rub her feet, but anything between those two could wait. I don't think I've ever had a sexual dream like that before. Of course, this was my first dream about this particular person (it is not uncommon for me to have a sexual dream about female acquaintances). A little analysis hints at some shades of meaning for it, but I don't feel any need right now to explore those shades any further.

In another dream, or a dream that first one transformed into, a woman told me that any healing of my neck pain would come from myself. I rethought some things (in the dream), and realized that now I would not ask people to heal me of the pain, but I would seek out people to teach me to heal myself of the pain. It was quite a profound dream moment. (And, of course, there is more to the dream that I remember, but I just don't feel like typing about it).

Anyone got any spice essence?
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