Queue (queue) wrote,

New addiction

geeyodi let me borrow the Ultima games (I-VII). She can't play them right now because of her arms, and she wants someone to play them. She's also interested in watching someone play, so we'll probably get together sometime and sit and play Ultima. Woo! An audience! I remember that my uncle (a few years older than I am) played the Ultima games back when, but I've never played them. He was really into the whole series. I'm looking forward to it.

Also at gaming last night, it was brought up that we've been playing for almost a year. Wow. Hard to believe it's really been that long. It's only been something like, umm, 10 days game time? It's also coming up on a year since I quite my job at Prentice Hall, which really seems like such a long time ago. Weird how time feels different for different things. And it's also coming up on a year for the Compendium.

No proofreading work. I got an email (I was expecting it last week) talking about scheduling a meeting to talk about MLOs (they're calling them intermediaries, now). I'm going to the meetings for now, but it's unclear if I will actually be doing the work later on or not. I just found out in the email that we are going to be developing a joint set of intermediaries for math and science. That seems a little weird to me. I mea, I guess there might be some overlap in some of the statistics stuff. But, really, the science people should just be able to use the math intermediaries for that stuff, and the math people should be able to use the science intermediaries for their various science features. I don't really see the wisdom in combining them. But other people know more than I do about this (that isn't difficult), so I guess I'll wait and observe before voicing my opinion.

I guess I kind of hope that I don't get put on this, because it honestly doesn't sound like much fun. It will be a lot of meetings and a lot of trying to turn the old crappy list of MLOs into our new idea of an intermediary. I'd much rather jsut do proofreading and such with the occasional tech stuff thrown in there.

Do I really want to stay here after this year? I suppose I should defer thinking about that more until I'm not quite so tired, because nothing sounds so good now as a nap. And when I want a nap, nothing else seems appealing. I really should try to get to bed earlier. I guess the start of that would be to ry to cut down on the number of late-night activities I participate in, even on the weekends. Bah.

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