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Don't really feel like working. It's partly being tired (up until 2 reading, woke up at 6, dozed until 7:20), but it's mostly that this work is boring and vague. I'm supposed to be looking at this stuff and trying to come up with ideas for reuse or new gizmos, but we're going to be having brainstorming meetings, so I'm not exactly sure what ideas I'm supposed to be coming up with here. Do people normally brainstorm on their own before going to a brainstorming meeting? Also, I just really prefer proofreading to stuff like this. I guess I can just get done with my "first pass" and then see if I can hunt down some other kind of work. It would also help if I knew when these meetings would be, and in what order, so I could have some focus. I work a lot better when I know precisely what the goal is.
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