Queue (queue) wrote,

Mmm, bacon

I had a quarter pound of bacon left over from last night, so I fried it up this morning and brought it in to work. just ate it. Mmmmmmm. Want more food, something to balance the bacon. Heh, like scallops and balsalmic vinegar. Mmmm.

So it looks like I've been made a somewhat permanent member of a team to evaluate "gizmos" for the pre-algebra book. They're these little interactive activities that go into the e-book. So, I guess we're looking to reuse when we can but also come up with new ones. The tech guy R and I will be looking at each chapter along with the chapter editor for that chapter and one other person. So, basically, my job right now is to familiarize myself with the gizmos that already exist, maybe start thinking about what can be reused and what should be changed. Then, we'll have meetings for each chapter as people sign up to be the extra person in the brainstorming session. Not sure yet how much prep work I want/need to do before the first meeting (no idea when that will be), so I may be hunting down some proofreading, too. (Yes, bitty, there is apparently proofreading here.)

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