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My LJ cluster was down this morning, so I couldn't post. I got in to work at 8 and, since I don't have anything to do, I went ahead and wrote up the Compendium. I missed last month's, so this one is a special double issue. I also got feedback on it and fixed my typos, so it's all published and stuff now. And on time, even (well, for July). Feels good to have it done, and maybe this will keep me going with it. Coming up on the 1-year anniversary for it.

Yesterday, P told me to talk to M about some sort of brainstorming work. I emailed M this morning, and she emailed me back saying it was for tech stuff, and that she would let R know to contact me about it when he got in. He sometimes gets in fairly late, so it may be a while before I have anything to do.

I have a document that I can read in preparation for a meeting, but I've read it something like three times already (once today), and I'm not sure how much more I cna get out of it before having the initial meeting. I guess I might wander and see if there's anything that needs doing. But, really, I don't think there wll be until noon when the next batch of stuff comes in from the vendor. Hopefully things won't be this slow for long, since yesterday was the last day for two people in our department. We'll see. I suspect I'll get at least one crossword puzzle done today.
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