Queue (queue) wrote,

Okay, I'm impressed

I got home a little after 11 tonight after gaming. There's something in the mail from Washington Mutual. It's about the escrow account being low for the old loan, so we owe a little money or whatever. But I just refinanced, so what's up, right? So I call their customer service line, not really expecting to talk to a person. I wade through their automated menu system (finding out in the process the the old mortgage hasn't been paid off yet). And then I actually talk to a real person! At 11 P.M.! Really, I'm very impressed. Not so impressed with the agents I delat with in the local office, but very impressed with the customer service people. The person I spoke to told me that, since a payoff figure had been ordered, I could just ignore that statement. She also told me that the payoff had been ordered for tomorrow, so that should all happen in just a little while, hopefully. Yay. Looks like everything is going well with that.

Heh, and my character in the game lost a bunch of psyche and basically went nuts. He wasn't exactly in a coma, but he was completely unaware, so I got to leave the room for most of gaming. We'll see what happens next session.

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