Queue (queue) wrote,


The Guster concert was a lot of fun, if short and crowded and hot. But, hey, it was free. They were announced by Mayor Menino. "My friends Gooster" was how he announced them. Thanks to farwing for accompanying me. If I weren't going with someone, I probably would have wimped out of going and missed a good time.

Got an automated call just before leaving the house. It was from Verizon, telling me that their DSL rates had lowered, retoractive to May 21, and there was nothing I had to do to activate it. Pretty cool.

Ran into dannarra on the bus home. She just got her character killed off in her Tuesday game, so she was headed home. I got to hear all the gory details, and then we (well, she, mostly) chatted about the Monday game. Not quite as hopeless as it looked last night, but I still have a feeling of being in a death spiral in that game. Seriously. We're not getting anywhere enar our goal, and more and more things keep going wrong. Oh well, we'll see.

It's a bit warm upstairs. I hope it cools off enough to sleep. If not, I may very well sleep in the living room, where it is a nice temperature. Really, I could have done with a whole summer in the 60's with rain.

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