Queue (queue) wrote,

It is finished (well, almost)

All done. The only thing left to do is give hrafn something to get notarized and drop in the mail. I'll give it to her tonight (heh) when I drop off her car and keys. The UPS store in Kendall has a notary there until they close at 7 today, and then she goes by a post office on her way to work. It needs to arrive there by Saturday, so I think it should be okay. Sending it priority or express or whatever just in case.

Had to pay more than I thought I would have to, but that should be okay, too. Don't have to make a mortgage payment ($200 less) until August 1. The person at the lawyer's office suggested that, after a few payments I could refinance again. I'll give it a while and see. I mean, rates are lower still. Would be nice to chop another $100 or so off of the monthly payment. I suppose when I feel like dealing with it again I'll get some advice from someone who knows about these things.

Maybe a little Warlords, then a nap, probably. If there's time after napping, dishes and shopping. Then checking out a possible site for a picnic, then dropping the car off, then in to town for the Guster concert.

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