Queue (queue) wrote,

A day

Got to bitty's for bridge via the T, my first time that far on the Red Line. Bridge was very much fun. And, really, actually playing it makes a lot more sense than just reading about it. I'm definitely ready for some more bridge (and some more reading about bridge, since that should make more sense now). aq is still being wonky, but I found out that the reason for it (and the other recent wonkiness, too) is that the modem for it is bad. So, as soon as beowabbit gets a new modem, it should be its usual reliable self. beowabbit is awesome, by the by.

Haven't seen any email from theora yet, so I assume that means everything is going just fine with her trip and she's enjoying the bed at a B&B in Cornwall as we speak.

Closing on Tuesday. I really think this will go fine, but I'm still anxious about it. I'll probably end up leaving here at 7 for the closing at 10, just in case I get lost. I'm sure I'll end up there before 8 and have to sit for 2 hours. But, really, I'll feel a lot better sitting there for 2 hours knowing that I won't get lost and miss the appointment. So I'll get some reading and editing done, or just sit and relax. If the weather is nice, *checks weather* Ugh. Lower 80s on Tuesday. I guess that means it will be okay in the morning. Not sure if I want to hang out on the beach after the closing, though. We'll see. I may just come home and nap until it's time to go return hrafn's car and head to the Guster concert. I haven't been getting much sleep lately (up until 2:30 last night, 3:30 the night before), so I'm sure I'll be in need of the sleep then.

Making the lime Bavarian right now for gaming tomorrow. The jello is chilling in the fridge. I need to go stir it some. Soonish, it will be firm enough to add the Hip Whip, and then I can leave it to set and I can go to bed.

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