Queue (queue) wrote,

Berry pie

I went shopping last night. I'm making dessert for roleplaying on Monday, so I was thinking about this excellent berry pie recipe I saw in Cook's Illustrated. However, I found that I couldn't justify the expense, at least at Stop & Shop. The recipe calles for 2 pounds each of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Some rough estimations at the store put the cost of the berries alone around $50. Now, I like my roleplaying group, but I'm not going to spend more than $50 just to make one pie. I know I can find cheaper berries elsewhere, so I'll look for them to make the pie some other time. I know of several places that have cheap ($1/half pint) raspberries. Anyone seen cheap blackberries?

I've decided I'm going to make Lime Bavarian for dessert on Monday, and I'm going to try it with Hip Whip instead of whipping cream. I had Hip Whip for the first time last Monday. The mousse was a bit too mealy, perhaps due to it not being completely thawed. But the whipped cream was pretty darned good, so I have high hopes for it in Lime Bavarian. Seriously, I could eat buckets of Bavarian during the summer, so it'll be excellent if the Hip Whip works out.
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