Queue (queue) wrote,

Garden Party

Happy Anniversary to zzbottom and missdimple! Went to their place yesterday. I was only expecting croquet, but there was also badminton (which I just now looked up and learned how to spell) and burgers. It was perfect weather for it and a very nice group of people. I played both badminton and croquet, and I even ate a cheese burger (with rice cheese, which did very well on the burger). I was a bit tired near the end, though, having stayed up late the previous night.

After coming home, I managed to only play Warlords 2 for a little bit. And I also only managed to play for a little bit this morning, too. I'm having a great time with the game. It really is as good as I remember it.

Working on a tech product this morning. I'm reviewing some proofs that are going to be done as interactive proofs online. I really think I could do well with a business of my own doing tech products for math textbooks, since I actually have a clue about the math. I really should think about that some time. Some time when the mortgage is refinanced (fuckers) and the credit card is paid off.

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