Queue (queue) wrote,

Insurance stuff

So, I called the insurance company, then I called the doctor's office. The woman at the doctor's office said she'd call me back if there was a problem, but she said she should be able to work it out. It's beena while and no call back, so I'm going to assume that was all taken care of.

Interesting note is that I'm still covered under my old employer. I ended employment, but I guess they just didn't end coverage for some reason. And when I told the doctors that I'd switched employers, they changed the group name in their records but didn't change the ID number. So all of my doctor visits this year have been billed through my account with my old employer. Which I guess explains the ID card I got delivered to my old address. I suppose if I were the dishonest type I could just end the coverage that I have now (and am paying for) and use the coverage that I'm not paying for. Anyway, I has the doctor's office switch the info. I'm not going to bother trying to figure out why I'm still covered under the old employer. I just won't use it, and I figure it will be fine.

Waiting on a call sometime from the lawyer's office to let me know what to do to get hrafn's name off of the deed. And I have to at some point call Washington Mutual and have them stop the automatic payment for the current mortgage, since one will be starting up for the new mortgage. Other than that, I should be ready for the closing on Wednesday. I've got the day off, and I'm borrowing hrafn's car to get there (Marblehead). I figure I'll give myself twice as much time as I think it will take to get there, and that will give me time to get lost. If I end up there early, I'll just read a book or something. And maybe I'll go hang out at a beach after the closing. I have a Krayzen meeting at 7 that night, but nothing other than that for the rest of the day. Of course, since I'll be having more late nights this week, maybe I'll come home and take a nap. I got to bed at 9 last night. Was awake a few times during the night with bad dreams, but I didn't get out of bed until a little after 7. Still want more sleep, though.
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