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Closing - Queue — LiveJournal
June 6th, 2003
12:56 pm


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The closing is scheduled for 10:00 Wednesday morning. In Marblehead. The bank chose this lawyer. You'd think they could have chosen one a bit closer. Of course, since my address is Everett, maybe they figured "Oh, North Shore, let's pick a North Shore lawyer." Whatever.

Now I need to call the bank and have them stop the automatic payments for the current mortgage. And the person from the lawyer's office is going to call me back to let me know what exactly we need to do do get hrafn's name off the deed. Oh, and the person from the lawyer's office also said that they usually give a 30-day grace period for starting payments on refinancing, so I might not have to make a July payment at all. That will be nice, to get the credit card paid off sooner. Whee.

The next financial challenge will be separating the bank accounts. Unfortunately, since hrafn is the main account holder, we can't just put the account in my name and have her set up something else. I have to open up my own account, which means I'll have to change all of the automatic payment stuff (mortgage, electric, phone, direct deposit) over to the new account. Actually, what I'll probably have to do is turn it all to manual, so there's no bad overlap in timing of direct deposit and other things, then switch it back to automatic when everything gets settled. Let's hope most of that can be taken care of online.

Still, getting this mortgage thing squared away will be a big relief. Whew.

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