Queue (queue) wrote,


Took a sick day. I ended up not getting to sleep until midnight or so, and then awake at 5. That's at least 3 days in a row of woefully inadequate sleep. Plus, my neck hurts. So, I'm going to get some more sleep today and get some work done around here. Krayzen and housework, definitely. Possibly some programming, if I feel up to it. Hopefully a nice relaxing day in preparation for the doctor visit.

Story reading last night was nice. I read my poem (which I might post later). majes read the third chapter of his Krayzen book. geeyodi read a couple of fairy tales. treacle_well read some Sherwood Anderson and a chapter of Winnie the Pooh. hauntmeister read a bit from Huck Finn. magid read a picture book called Nothing Ever Happens on My Block and several letters from a book with personal letters from various points in America's history.
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