Queue (queue) wrote,


Well, no Jotto puzzle yet this morning, since aq.org appears to be down. That's my mail server and main Web server (where the Jotto puzzle sits), so all of you rabid Jotto maniacs will just have to live without your daily fix for a few hours.

No exercise this morning, since I was pretty out of it until I took my shower. I woke up at 5 and dozed off and on until getting up at a little after 6:30. I also had problems getting to sleep. I had the window open. Today is trash day. One of the neighbors kept bringing trash out for quite a while (I think they're doing some kind of rennovation), so the noise kept keeping me away from sleep. But I was too far gone to actually muster up the energy to close the window. So, even though I was in my bed by 10 and out of it after 6:30, I didn't get a really good night's sleep.

I guess I should eat breakfast and make lunch.
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