Queue (queue) wrote,

I suppose I could have predicted that

Finished the Tim Powers proofreading on the bus home. Started entering the Krayzen edits. Ate some smart dogs. Then needed to sleep. Without a bath, even. Slept between 5 and 7, pulled myself out of bed at 7:30. Ate some sorbet while watching Wallace and Gromit. Have now watched 2 of the 3 episodes on the DVD. Not really motivated to do much else. Not motivated to use subjects in my sentences. Might take a bath, still. Probably won't; too tired. Might drag the TV upstairs and watch the 3rd episode while falling asleep. Will get up early in the morning and maybe do some exercise. Was thinking about that earlier today, maybe a quick run and some pushups and/or situps. Then shower and work on Krayzen stuff before heading in to work.
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