Queue (queue) wrote,

Busy night, relaxed night

Last night, I played Seafarers, didn't get home until 12:30. Much fun, but too little sleep (asleep at 1:30, awake at various times, up at 6:30). Tonight, I've got maybe a couple hours of stuff I want to do (editing and housework), and that's it. I'll probably take a bath. I'd better wait until after I've done my editing at least before I take my bath, because I'm likely to just fall right asleep after my bath. I'll probably watch the Wallace and Gromit DVD that was delivered yesterday from Amazon (used a gift certificate from my dad for that. Which reminds me, I should probably call him and let him know what I got). I'm actually thinking about taking off right now. I'm not really focused at work, so it would probably be better for me to make up the time when I will put more attention to my work. And the thing on my desk can wait until tomorrow, so there you go. Home, finish the Tim Powers proofreading (only 3 chapters. It looks like it might be an okay book, but the hero is pretty annoying at this point), at least make a start at entering in the Krayzen edits to the Word document, make dinner (maybe just tofu pups smart dogs), watch Simpsons, watch Wallace and Gromit, watch Simpsons, take bath, go to sleep. Sounds like a plan.

Oh, I just remembered that I was going to stop by Harvest on the way home to get some bread. Hmm. How lazy am I? Yes, apparently I'm too lazy to go to Harvest, since I've just decided against it.

I go to the doctor on Thursday, for my 8-week followup. I really hope it's healed, because I just don't want to deal with it anymore. I really don't want a colonoscopy. Fucking doctors.

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