Queue (queue) wrote,


Doing some of my programming this morning. I think I may have found a small bug in sudo which sometimes causes the log to have extra stuff in it. I sent off an email to the CSL people to see what version of sudo they're using and suchlike. I downloaded the source for the latest version of sudo, but I'm not sure I feel like tracking down a bug in dense C code right now. Or ever, for that matter. I don't really want to proceed until I know if I have to account for that potential error or not in my script. So I'm a bit stalled on that.

Feeling a bit unproductive, like I just want to sit and watch TV or something. I guess I can sit in front of the TV and finish marking the Krayzen file I'm working on. Almost done with it. I'm thinking that finishing that will give me enough motivation to come back downstairs and enter the changes into it so I can pass the file along.

I also have some dishes to put away and some dishes to wash. I'll at least put away some dishes right now.
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