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May 30th, 2003
09:14 am


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Productive morning
Not quite as planned, but I was alseep before 11 and up before 6. Did some editing and some prep work for programming. I actually did some of the programming, too.

This assignment I got to give a daily report on the sudo log file looks like it's going to be relatively easy. I really wanted to keep working on it this morning instead of leaving for work. I missed my usual bus because I wasn't paying attention to the time. I wonder if having all of these projects for other people (Krayzen editing, NESFA proofreading, and CSL programming) is part of the reason I've felt so productive the last couple of days. I like it.

I have a couple of things going on this weekend, but I should have some decent morning time both days, and, as far as I know, no one is coming over to use my computer. I hope to get the NESFA stuff and the current Krayzen file done this weekend. I hope to make a significant dent in the CSL programming, possibly finishing it (although there is less time pressure on that, I think). I want to finish up the dishes and keep up with them this weekend. I want to clean the table and the living room. I want to do laundry, including setting the Boggle T-shirts (and making my Boggle T-shirt). That sounds like a rleatively productive weekend already.

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