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Gaming was fairly interesting last night. We finished up a discussion from last session about what to do with a dead body. Then I made a plan which looks like it is going to split up the party for quite a while. That should be interesting. And a stupid thing my character did a week or so ago (game time) has produced some intersting results. It's hard to tell whether the results are good or bad.

Got home latish from gaming, watched some Simpsons, then read a little of my new bridge book and a little KODT. Speaking of KODT, I've got a Pandemonium gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket. I'm still undecided what I want to do this evening, though. I probably should spend the bulk of it at home cleaning up and getting to bed at a reasonable hour. At least most of the dishes are done, a nice side effect of having my mom visit. I am considering stopping by Harvard Square to pick up some comic books and then heading home, but I'm not really sure. I've got some time to think about it, I guess.

My mom's visit was nice, although I found it a bit stressful to have someone else in my house. I'm very much used to living alone now. For instance, she turned the TV on to the news in the mornings when she got up. TV on in the morning? Oh, yeah, I guess people do that. Really, I doubt my ability to ever live with anyone again. Well, okay, I could get used to it again, I'm sure, but the adjustment period would be fairly uncomfortable, I think.

Still no more word from the mortgage people. I had been reocmmending Washington Mutual, since I liked the serivce we got when we got our mortgage. But I think I'm going to start disrecommending them, at least for refinancing. I guess it's time to send another email this week. I hope it happens soon and that the payments drop enough for me not to have to worry about whether I can afford to live alone.
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