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This fucking swing-arm lamp refuses to stay upright. Piece of crap.

So, the original plan for today was to spend it all proofreading. I got a pretty early start at it, finishing one story, and then hrafn and I went to a couple of open houses, since we're planning on trying to buy a house or condo. Thatw asn't on the original agenda, but our broker suggested it, so I decided that was a bit more important than proofreading all day. We got back and I've been proofreading since then, after doing a little shopping and calling my dad. I am trying to be good about taking breaks, so that my posture doesn't get totally screwed up. This sort of counts as a break, but not completely, since I'm still at the computer. I'm closing in on halfway done with this last story, and it's a fairly long story (the longest of the 4 I have to proofread). Also, it's written using British English. I need to change things like "ise" and "our" (politicise, colour), but I should leave slang and colloquialisms alone, like "cossie" (or possibly "cozzy") for "bathing suit." And a lot of it I have to look up, to make sure it is legitimate British usage and not just a typo. I really need a reliable British slang and/or British-to-American dictionary. The ones on the web seem fairly incomplete. Or, alternately, I need a Brit I can email requests to.

The other thing about the story is that it mostly takes place in France, so it is sprinkled with French terms, which I have to look up, since I noticed that accents were wrong on some of the words (I know some French).

Oh, and one more thing. I like to think I have a fairly decent vocabulary, but this author uses a fair number of words that I've never seen before. I don't know if it's just that they're more common in British English, or if I'm not as learned as I though, or if he's just using obscure words.

In any case, it all adds up to a lot of time for this. But I really enjoy it. I'm really anxious to turn this in and find out what sorts of comments they found useful and what they didn't. I'm writing quite a bit on these, and it would be nice to know for the future whether or not it's worth doing all this writing.

This is giving me a whole new appreciation for everything that goes into making good writing. Not only is there the story itself, but there's grammar, spelling, and a buttload of research. And I think I would be really good at these things, except for that little thing of actually sitting down to write. Maybe this experience will actually get me to finish something, though. We'll see. I still have that story I started around or before the beginning of the year that I need to finish. Maybe I'll dust that off and give it a look when I have a good chunk of free time alone. Hmm, I should be able to get the house to myself Tuesday until about 8 or so. I can hopefully get to bed early Monday, and then up and into work early Tuesday, which means out of work early Tuesday, which means maybe 6 hours by myself at home, which should be enough to do some writing and get other stuff done.

It's a good plan; we'll see what happens.

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