Queue (queue) wrote,


Like prog, I hope to take advantage of advances in medicine. I used to say that I wanted to live to be 100. Maybe 4^4 isn't an unreasonable goal.

Here's hoping the Boggle tournament goes well. I made a program yesterday to do tournament seatings. Since I couldn't find any algorithms online anywhere for tournaments where more than two people play each other at once, I decided to just make random seatings. Then, I evaluated the different random seatings to make the number of times each person plays each other person closest to 1. Also, only some of the people are going to be sitting out one round, since there are 19 people and 10 rounds. I figure I'll just average everyone's places, whether they play 10 games or 9. I hope that everyone feels this is fair, since it's the only way I could figure doing it.

My next Perl project may be to make a module out of this tournament program, so people can figure out tournaments where more than two people play each other at once. I might also try scouring the Web some more for algorithms, or maybe ask around to math-types I know.
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