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My mom came in to town yesterday and stayed at my place last night. I made salmon for dinner, a repeat of the trout that I made last month (salt, paprika, coriander, Frank's Red Hot sauce, and chili peppers). Yum. And my mom really liked it. This morning, she asked when I got ot be such a good cook. That felt good.

It also felt good when I got a gasp of amazement when she walked in the door and saw how nice my place looked. Of course, the last time she saw the place it had the bird cage in it, so it was a lot more open. But, yeah, it was clean. Yay.

Took the bus and T in this morning and dropped her off at the FAO Schwartz bear for her day of bumming around Boston. At the Malden platform, I ran into someone I was in kung fu class with, someone I haven't seen in probably something like 2 years. We both recognized each other, though. We chatted on the T, so that was cool. It turns out his girlfriend is an HR manager for the company I work for, so that's kinda cool. I told him to have her give me a raise.

Probably going to try for the Parish Cafe today for lunch with my mom and sister. If that's too crowded, I guess we'll just check out some of the other restaurants in the area (thanks for the reviews, everyone, especially jencallisto).

Well, I left work Wednesday with no work. Took a sick day yesterday and don't have any email or voicemail about more work, so I need to go hunt some down.
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