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May 22nd, 2003
04:11 pm


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I was on the phone with hrafn, and we were both looking up at the sky. There was some kind of astronomical thing going on that we were both appreciating. Then I said "there it is" as a bunch of lights, like meteorites almost, started forming and falling. Somehow that was supposed to be part of the phenomenon we were looking at. But the lights didn't fade out. They got brighter. They were like bright-and-getting-brighter slowly falling meteorites. Then I remembered some country that was mad at us, and I said "Good thing those aren't bombs, right? . . . . . Right?" The phone was cut out. I was imagining annihilation.

Then I woke up.

I had an earlier dream about getting cussed out by some rude employeed kid at Stop & Shop, so I waited around to talk to a manager, and I went with the manager and I somehow ended up at some kind of Air Force meeting with important people. And I think we were either at war or going to be at war.

Not sure why I'm having dreams like this.

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