Queue (queue) wrote,

Dum dee dum

Sitting here wasting time since it was suggested that showing up early wouldn't be good. Bored. And hungry. And thoughts running through my head. Thoughts that I don't feel comfortable posting here. Whee. And, of course, now I'm going to be asked about those thoughts, but I won't want to share them then, either. And now I'm just typing for the sake of typing, whatever happens to come to mind, because it's slightly more inetresting than clicking aorund on random Web pages, or just sitting around staring at the monitor.

Blah blah blah. Sis boom bah. I suppose I could screw around with Perl, but I don't really feel like it right now. Tired. Was up until midnight last night. Then awake at 5:30, back asleep, awake and up at 6:30. I like waking up at 5:30, birds chirping, sunlight, but I really need to try to get to bed earlier more often. Maybe this weekend I can make it to bed early. Even though I'm not going to bed early tonight, I think I'm going to go ahead and get up when I wake up at 5:30 tomorrow morning. Then I can get some things done and still get into work early, letting me leave early, get some more things done, then maybe take a nap before my mom gets to my house. Then going out shopping, so there will be food i the house for her to eat. I feel a bit stressed about Friday and Saturday, since I'm just not sure at all what my mom will want to do, what my sister will want to do with us, what will have to be coordinated, what potential plans with other people I'll have to give up in order to make sure I'm free to take my mom around wherever. Blah. Birthday blah, too, speaking of blah. I just haven't felt very birthdayish this year. Usually, I'm pretty excited about my birthday. This year it just seems like something I couldn't care less about. My life is full enough without needing birthdays to make it special. Hmm. Will have to think on that. I'm already getting together with a bunch of friends for the Boggle tournament, and, really, that's enough for me. My mom will be making me a cake, which ill be nice. People will get me stuff, which will be nice. It's just . . . eh . . . I dunno.

I just heard someone mention that the pollen count is really high, and I've been seeing tha on weather.com, too. It's nice that I haven't been reacting to it at all. Really, it would be superkeen and so worth it if I didn't have to worry about seasonal allergies ever again.

Okay, I think I've wasted just about enough time typing here that I can leave now and not be too early. I hope the rain quits soon. I didn't check the forecast this morning, so I left the house in a short-sleeved shirt and no coat.

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