Queue (queue) wrote,

An evening

The PerlMongers meeting was okay. I guess I was expecting something different from the presentation, but it was still decent. It would have been even better had there not been all sorts of digressions and arguments. What was supposed to be 45 minutes turned into more than twice that. I will likely go to the next one, though, unless the topic is something I figure I'm likely to not even understand.

One thing I took out of the presentation is that I should learn how to use map. I've seen it, but it's not immediately obvious what is going on, so I haven't learned anything about it, yet. So, I am going to change that. Maybe not today. Well, maybe today, since I'm kind of uninspired to do work. I worked pretty hard yesterday, so I kind of feel like taking it easy today. I suppose I'll get started on my work and see how long it holds my interest.

Going to watch the Red Sox in a bar tonight. Now that Boston is smoke-free, I can actually do something like that comfortably. Whee. And tomorrow my mom gets in. Her plane doesn't land until 5:30, though, and my sister is picking her up from the airport and bringing her to my house. That means I can leave work slightly early and still have plenty of time to finish cleaning the house and to put the futon together in the bedroom upstairs.

Is it weird that I still think of that room as "Cat's bedroom"? Should I try to start referring to it as "the spare bedroom", or maybe some other creative name?

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