Queue (queue) wrote,


A very special jottopuzzle today. You'll have to solve it to find out why.

The living room is now officially all picked up. The last bit was stuff from my backpack that I had dumped out before going on the Walk for Hunger. I don't have much time at home before my mom gets here on Thursday, so I need to spend that cleaning up the dining room and kitchen. Shouldn't take too long, though, since it really isn't all that bad. Yay! Even though I've told my mom I do pretty well at keeping things clean now, I think she'll be surprised. We'll see.

Lights out by 10:30 last night. Awake several times during the night, too hot with the big blanket but too cold with just the small blanket. Lots of dreams. Not scary, just a little disturbing.

Boston PerlMongers meeting today, also Diesel. Going out to a bar tomorrow to watch the Red Sox. D'oh, I just saw that they lost last night. Hope people I know who were there had a good time, though.
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