Queue (queue) wrote,


I was so into the story of the last Stargate of the season that I forgot that it would be a two-parter. Duh. Although I wasn't quite as tense about this one as I was about the last one. I mean, of course Tealc is going to save them, so it should be okay. Not that I won't be bugging [Unknown LJ tag] for Season 3 when she gets it.

Gotta figure out what to do with the rest of the day. Laundry is going. Most of the dishes are done, but I will probably do up the rest of them. Or I might wait until I dirty some more dishes tonight. We'll see. And I really need to clean up the general clutter on the main floor. Then maybe some going through things on my shelves in my room. And some more programming. I finished the script, I think. I just need to spend a little time testing it now. I'll probably do some more populating of my test journal and see how that goes. Many thanks to prog, since I stole a bit of code from a script of his. Very nice way to parse the responses from LJ.

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