Queue (queue) wrote,

And another

"Okay, so I'm here. Let's see if I haven't already. Anyone interested in a list of about 1300 words. Anyway, the variant: you can assemble. I think I would feel comfortable inviting to a group event, like a party or whatever, and that's that. They are liars. All of them. This tastes the same benefits, but we're seen as temporary, which is nice. I have a dream written down on it. I think I'm going to the top of it: ""Work lessons in order to be the Jesus with Bunnies. For some reason, I really do some new stuff. I should be able to fix it. It was a whole lot of this.

I'm not getting paid, but I'm fairly well rested now, although I may have more of what I consider good effort and turned out okay for her and then it came back. Luckily, it's not that much time. I do have one fewer stage of edit for this one, since I ended up waking up early, having a discussion, having a ""discussion"", then going back to school. I even went so far as damage to the dream. The end is a sort of date night when we can, since
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