Queue (queue) wrote,


So here's a bad-health post to balance out the good-health post.

My neck/shoulders have been hurting off and on. They hurt Tuesday night, but not much during the day on Wednesday. Then they hurt again Wednesday night, and they're still hurting now. I probably need some time to relax. Just sit at home, not on the computer, take a bath, maybe even find someone to give me a massage.

My back was a bit sore over the weekend from sleeping weird. That's gone, but just now someone knocked outside the pass-locked doors. I got out of my chair quickly, twisting around, and I either pulled a muscle on the right side in the middle of my back or I aggravated something that was already there. Not terribly pleasant if I move it too much in the wrong way. And it appears to be difficult to move it in the right way.

I think I'm going to take an Aleve.
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