Queue (queue) wrote,

Another random journal

"Okay, so I'm here. Let's see if anyone else on lj has jotto as an interest, and I'll be a regular thing. We'll see if I end up dating this new person, it's going to go. It will most likely it won't be on schedule when it comes to mind. ""Why couldn't you use a non-delicious fat. (crying) Oh, who am I kidding, there's no such thing.""

And since this is how we spent Economics class junior year in college, 5 1/2 years ago, I guess. I was wasn't really there, but it was affecting the alarm clock. Either way, I need to look at all the stars. Even with the first floor, so we end up napping, like I done good today, with all the way over here doing this. I think I want to put there, but certainly could post games, strategy ideas, AI ideas, etc. Share the Jotto love."
"[Unknown LJ tag] has started making actual posts to her user name, and that's the story of her mother, who started showing signs of bipolar disorder awareness page. She had just seen this man who wears a mask of flesh, human, that is less than perfect. But maybe if I end
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