Queue (queue) wrote,


Well, the script seems to be pretty popular. Popular enough that it's ground jmac.org to a virtual standstill. I'm still logged on, so I'm able to get commands through, although slowly. I removed the script, so hopefully jmac.org will return to normal shortly.

I feel pretty stupid. Learning experience, I guess. I called prog, and he didn't seem too upset. Of course, I have rarely seen him upset about anything, and I did get him out of bed with my phone call, so he was probably pretyt groggy, too.

I also realized that there's most likely a way to do this that is much friendlier to LJ's servers. I'm going to rework the script to be friendlier and possibly to take up less memory. I'm not sure if I can put it back up on a Web site again, but I can at least distribute it to other people.

Actually, I wonder if I couldn't just add the code to an existing client. Hmm, we'll have to see.

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