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So my post finally made it onto lj_nifty! (It's a moderated community, now, so someone has to approve posts there.) I got some people saying it's neat, some people saying they wouldn't put their password onto a Web site (which I agree with, although, really, it's pretty much the same amount of trust you put into a client. But, yeah), one person who said it didn't work (which I was easily able to track down why (I wasn't taking a little fact about different journal styles into account) and fix it and now it should work for everyone (unless someone has a really screwy journal style)), a couple of people who suggested other features, and a couple of people who questioned how much it would hit the LJ database servers. So, I feel pretty good. Getting feedback is nice. And, of course, I did get the one person who had just over the weekend done this manually for 2 years of entries.

My character was in a coma for most of last night's role-playing session, so I got to have nice chats with the other people in the group as they cycled in and out of the game. I managed to not watch an episode of Stargate after getting home, although I did watch The Simpsons. Up at 7. I was planning on leaving a little earlier, but then I wanted to deal with the comments from my lj_nifty post, so that's taken a while.

Time to eat breakfast, make lunch, then head to work. I'm doing little projects right now, so I'm going to be needing to hunt down work pretty soon after I get there. I won't have any tech projects to work on until at least the end of the week.

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