Queue (queue) wrote,

Games and food

I went to treacle_well's gaming thing yesterday. I played a game of Cities & Knights, which was fun. We had 4 people, but we set up for a 5-6 player game, hoping that people would show up wanting to play. I was dreading having to explain the game to people. But people showed up wanting to play. As luck would have it, they'd played Settlers a lot, just not Cities & Knights, so it was a fairly easy explanation. I noticed that I didn't get upset at all the couple of times other people interrupted my explanation with things I had just said or things I was just about to say. That's probably a better sign than any that I'm in a pretty good mood.

The game was fun, and the new people were fun to play with. I was getting a little antsy when we had a growing crowd of spectators, since it was hard to hear things and was slowing down the game a little. But that didn't even really bother me, either, which is good.

Took off after the game and grabbed dinner at Blue Shirt Cafe with majes and gyodi.

Thanks to magid, I got shopping done earlier in the day, so I now have, among other things, spelt flour and vegan cheese. I think I might try some more pizza this week. I will probably hit Stop & Shop on the way home from work on Wednesday to pick up some vegetables for toppings and some fruit to eat. I've been thining I should eat more fruits and vegetables, and plums sound like good fruit to eat, although they didn't have any at Bread & Circus yesterday.

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