Queue (queue) wrote,


Made good progress on the project at home this morning. I think maybe 15 more minutes and the basic thing will be done. Right now it's just a command-line script, but I guess I should make a Web page for it so people can do it from there. Then, of course, I'll need a Guinea pig, since I don't want to turn my whole journal friends only.

Made brownies this morning, too, which I'm bringing to dinner at my sister's place.

Watched Veronica Vavoom, Vulcanologist last night with magid at the Boston Theater Works on Comm Ave. It was a lot of fun. The title character's costume allowed for maximum cleavage, which was pleasant to look at, too.

I really feel like programming instead of working. maybe if I get all of the stuff done I currently have on my desk, I'll let myself do a few minutes of programming.

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