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Hungry - Queue — LiveJournal
May 9th, 2003
08:41 am


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I should probably eat breakfast and get to work. But I'm working on an interesting programming project, and I'd much rather stay at home and do that than go to work.

Just in case anyone knows, is there an easy way to change all of your old entries to friends only? I know at least one person who changed a journal to friends only, but I also know that the FAQ says that you can't automatically change old entries. Did you find an easier way to do it, or did you just have to change them all by hand?

Even if it turns out there already exists an easier way to do it, this will be an interesting programming project for me. One thing that might make my project slightly easier possibly is a custom view, so I can easily differentiate between the different security levels of entries. Other than the FAQ, does anyone know of anything like a custom view tutorial that exists somewhere?

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