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Growf - Queue — LiveJournal
February 22nd, 2002
10:30 am


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I really wish I had access to aq from work. I could spend down time making random journal entries. Or I could feed Zarf's program some files from the server at work and make a random math textbook. Now that would be a blast. I'm also thinking about putting in HTML source, or some other programming language. That could be interesting.

I've also thought about some modifications to the program. I know I'll never do them, so I thought I'd at least record them here. I'd like to make it so that it could write the frequency table to a file, so that, if you're doing something really large, you only have to generate the table once, and then you can do multiple output runs on the same table. This occurred to me when I found out that it took something on the order of 1/2 hour to process a 2 MB input file.

Another thing that would be nice would be the option of allowing multiple input files, so I don't have to go through the trouble of concatenating them all. It's not that big of a deal, but it's still one more step.

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