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Another attempt down to the book sale, and now they have a line waiting to get in to the room. Really, I don't need any more books in my life badly enough to wait in line forever. ?i really should try to properly put away all of the books I currently have before I think of acquiring more. There's still just piles of books on the bookshelf in the basement from when hrafn moved out and took one of the bookshelves with her. And the shelves in my bedroom could use cleaning. They are simply a repository for a bunch of crap that I need to sort through. And I've got stacks of books in the basement to get rid of. Maybe I should post to gb-reuse. Of course, that might mean writing down all of the titles. And they're not books anyone would want, anyway. I guess it wouldn't hurt ot put them up on gb-reuse, then see if a library will take them or something. Or I could make a fire pit in the living room and save on heating costs.

Getting some work done. Plus I got all caught up on the Jotto puzzle solutions. If things remain a bit slow, I might even get started on tomorrow's puzzle. Of course, tomorrow will probably be slow, too.
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