Queue (queue) wrote,

Building Evacuation

We're having a building evacuation drill today (right now, in fact). However, we don't have to congregate at our designated spots; they're just trying to see how quickly they can empty the building, or something like that. Just now I heard from someone that they're doing it floor-by-floor, emptying one floor completely then letting that floor back in. I've only heard 2 groups of people coming down the stairs (floors 22 and 21) so far, and I haven't heard anyone in a while. I'm on 11. It will probably be a while.

The book sale here starts at 10:45. I seriously doubt the evacuation will be done by then. Going to be a slow day, I think. And yesterday before I left, the IT guy came by and said I should be able to print to the printer that is close to me. I tried this morning, and it didn't work again. So, it looks like I'll be using the printer 4 floors down. I don't really want to send anything there right now, since I don't want to leave stuff there, cluttering things up for other people. So, I sit here writing this entry. Hey, maybe I can catch up on some Jotto puzzle solutions.
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