Queue (queue) wrote,


I could really just sit here for hours and hours doing this stuff. I got Zarf's program compiled on the house machine, and I've been playing with it. Besides downloading all of my journals and doing the previous entry (and a bunch of others), I also went browsing project Gutenberg. I put together a mix of Aesop's fables, Hans Christian Anderson's stories, and Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories. I have one output from that, which I might post later. I think I'll have to do a lot of playing with these things and then just post some good ones.

If anyone has requests or suggestions, just let me know. I wish I could download other people's journals. If I want to do someone else's journal, I'd have to manually copy-and-paste it all. If anyone wants to download their journals and mail them to me, that would be cool. Just go to the journal export page and export one file per month, no header, and nothing checked except "Event." The only downside is that it takes everything, so there's no way to just do non-private ones. Anyway, let me know if anyone wants to do this. Or you could just do it yourself, and discard any ones that actually manage to snag some phrases you'd rather not make public.

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