Queue (queue) wrote,

Firk ding blast!

My right foot is still hurting. It was hurting last night. It was fine this morning on waking, probably from a night of not walking on it. I ran for the bus this morning, and it started hurting again. A sharpish pain (not really sharp, just sharpish) that makes me limp a little. It hurt walking on it after I ran on it. But that was 3 hours ago, now. It still hurts walking around the office. And it's got an unpleasant tingle now that I'm off of it. Bah.

And I notice that my right lower calf is hurting, too. Anyone know what would cause both the outisde of my foot and my calf to hurt? Pulled something-or-other? Hmm, I can feel it a bit in my right knee, too. I guess that means it's probably some kind of tendon thing or something. I suppose I could go find out who in Science knows about anatomy. That would mean walking over there, though.
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