Queue (queue) wrote,

Sore arms

I ended up taking a 2nd bath and then turning the lights out before 10:30 last night. I woke up pretty early and dozed off and on until about 6. Got in to work around 7:30. They've changed the construction at Park Street again, so it is no longer easy to get from the Orange Line at Downtown Crossing to the Green Line headed to work at Park Street. They let you go down the stairs on the Lechmere side, but the other side is just blocked off. I met a couple fellow lost people down there. We found our way down to the Red Line, through a train, and up the other set of stairs. And, of, course, no signs. I mean, I guess you don't have too many people changing from the Orange Line to the Green Line at Park Street, but it was really convenient. Guess I might have to start switching at Haymarket, or possibly exiting the T, crossing the street, and coming back down. Not sure I want to count on having a Red Line train there at the right time for me to be able to cross through it. And I can just imagine getting cuaught inside one.

Typing this up reminds me that my primary soreness is in my forearms, most likely from moving the piano on Saturday. It's nice that all my leg stuff is doing okay this morning.
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