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May 4th, 2003
08:06 pm


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Got home from the Walk, took a bath, and went to sleep. Got up around 8 when I heard the phone ringing downstairs. It was my dad, but he let me go right away since I soudned mostly asleep still. Went back to bed, but decided to just get up and watch The Simpsons. I feel less sore than I did when I got home, so that's good. The biggest thing bothering me right now is my neck/head. I could really go for a nice massage.

I didn't end up going shopping like I'd planned, because I was just too beat after walking. Not sure if I have the energy to clean now, either. So, I'm planning on going to bed relatively early and getting in to work early so I can come home early, shop on the way home, and have time to cook and clean before gaming.


The Walk was good, though. Nice chatting along the way with theora, nice scenery, and some pretty darned good exercise (especially for the day after moving a piano).

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