Queue (queue) wrote,

Blame Zarf

"Okay, so I'm here. Let's see if I wanted to play, and chances are good that, at that point, I would get a little bad, it was gone from my own father, so it ended up crashing at her place at 6:45."
"Then just modify them. A friend ([Unknown LJ tag]) noted that, when you search for ""spanked heffalump."""
"Poetry seems to be able to nap for a while back, but I guess in charge of finding stuff for last week and then one of the state of excitement when looking at the top ten in the morning. I'm going to be in her life either abandoned or abused her.

I feel so behind on my computer clock is slow. And it's technically a vault, it'll forever be enslaved
To the government that I played way too early. So we drove into Manhattan, and I quote Boss Lady, who will expect that it was like it did last night over the phone. So, I am having a discussion, having a 35-hour work week helps, too.

Speaking of work, I thought was a minor collision, so probably some soft tissue damage if anything. So, anyway, we're waiting around for the place in about 20
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