Queue (queue) wrote,

Yesterday evening

So I had some pretty ambitious plans for yesterday evening. Make the rest of the fish cakes, do some laundry, do some programming, get the Compendium out.

Well, I made the fish cakes and ate them while I watched the 6:30 Simpsons. Then I decided I'd doze with the TV on through Seinfeld so I could watch the 7:30 Simpsons. When it came on, I decided I'd "just listen". I ended up just going up to bed a little later. Got interrupted by a short phone call at 8:30 and a longer phone call from 9:30-11. But then I slept, got up around 7. Had at least 3 separate bad dreams, one of the really scary kind, with ghosts and such. That woke me up at 3. Woke up sweatnig each of those times, too, so I'd take the big quilt off of me, but then I'd get too cold, so I'd put it back on, ready to sweat again the next time. It was hot in my room, somewhere around 70, and the heat hasn't been on in several days. Residual heat from the sun in my window, probably. I think I might open the window tonight if it's too hot again.

That reminds me, I should check the weather.
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