Queue (queue) wrote,

Sandman, Perl Mongers, and Carcassonne

I had a nice evening yesterday. I had some time, so I stopped by Pandemonium. I resisted the urge to buy some things, since I have in the past been scolded for buying things for myself close to a gift-giving time. So I instead bought something I'd never seen before and wouldn't expect anyone would know about: a Sandman comic I hadn't seen before. It was an extra, not part of the regular series. It's a story with Death, Hazel, and Foxglove in it, called The Time of Your Life. I started reading it before going to Perl Mongers then finished it up after getting home. It's a nice story, and the Dave McKean stuff is awesome as usual. There is also a collection of images of Death at the end of the book, all by different artists.

Went to my first Boston Perl Mongers gathering. It was a social at John Harvard's. It was a bit noisy, but I had a nice time chatting with the one person I expected to know there. I saw but did not talk to another person I know, which was a surprise. I will try to make other meetings as I can.

Instead of going straight home, I stopped by another game night where I watched some games then finished prog's Carcassonne Hunters & Gatherers game (and tied for the win, woo!).

Took the 89 bus to Sullivan, which I'd never done before. I got off at Sullivan, saw that it turned into the 10, so got right back on.

Stayed up latish watching some TV and reading the Sandman comic and some old KODT.
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