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My left arm started peeling a little bit yesterday, a week after my sunburn. This morning, I spent some time in bed peeling a good portion of my upper arm. It got easier as I made it to the bits with less hair. Fun.

Cities & knights game last night instead of role playing, and it was fun. Then home, then a phone call, then some TV, then reading some KODT. I didn't get to sleep until sometime close to 1, I think. Didn't end up getting up until sometime around 9 or so. Spent a little time fixing my Perl program for the latest Weekend Edition Sunday Puzzle. I had forgotten a little step, but now it's working just fine. It's still chugging away. The dictionary I'm using has some not-so-common words in it, so there are quite a few false positives so far (the answer supposedly is all common words).

Talking about this yesterday, I came up with the idea that I could write an article on using the Weekend Edition Suday Puzzle as a source for Perl programming ideas. I haven't seen a new issue of The Perl Review in a while, so I'm not sure what's up with that. But I think I will spend some time tomorrow evening (or today if work continues to be slow) coming up with a synopsis of an article and picking out a couple puzzle solutions that would work well for demonstration purposes. And, before I submit this article, I'm definitely going to rewrite the code, or at least evaluate it with fresh eyes, since I'd like to have some quality code out there.

Goign to my first Boston Perl Mongers social meeting today. I know one person who is going to be there, but the rest are most likely strangers. Strangers who like/use Perl, though, so it should be okay.

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