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Helped browngirl move. I drove the van, which I think was the first time I have done so. It went smoothly, and there wasn't a lot of stuff. Didn't end up making it out to an event I had planned on going to, but I did manage to get invited to an impromptu game of Cities & Knights closer in to town, which was nice. geeyodi won her first game of Cities & Knights, which was cool. Then I went to Sol Azteca with theora. I got pork in orange juice and chipotle peppers. It was very good.

There was pizza after the move, but I managed to avoid it. The person ordering the pizza was nice enough to order some Buffalo wings for me. I suspect that treacle_well might have had a hand in that, which is nice. And I avoided dairy at the Mexican restaurant, too (after learning that the beans had dairy in them), so go me. I was actually going to give in tot he pizza before I learned that I didn't have to. I was really hungry.

Got the water and sewer bill from the city yesterday. It lists a past due amount, so I suspect that we got one something like 6 months ago, except the stupid Post Office lost it. I know they've lost a couple of things, incompetent bastards. But the good news is that it looks like there isn't any kind of late fee for that, since the past due amount was about the same as the current amount. So, it turns out it costs something a little over $100 for water and sewer for a year, which is pretty good, probably.

I also got my stamps in the mail yesterday, so I'm going to send one piece of mail out today. I need to wait to send the water and sewer bill out, since hrafn has our checkbook. Err, I think I have other checkbooks, so I could just grab one of those and write an out-of-order check. Time to rummage around in some drawers.
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