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I made some hummus last night. I ate a bit of it and didn't really care for it too much. hrafn had some for breakfast this morning, and she said that it's very good. I brought some in to work today and just had some. It's better than it was last night (sitting in the fridge is good for it), but it's not my favorite. Needs more lemon juice. I knew that last night, too, but I used all of my lemons.

I forgot to put lotion on my arms this morning, but I think they're doing a bit better. When farwing saw my arms yesterday, though, I swear she was about to hit me. She is apparently very anti-sunburn. So, I have been thoroughly scolded by more than one person for not putting sunblock on. I'll try to remember next time I'm outside for any length of time. Good thing that doesn't happen too often.

Only 45 more minutes until breakfast treats. I'm sure there will be plenty of tempting things with dairy in them. I'll probably end up with a bagel (sans cream cheese) and some fruit, depending on how snazzy the spread is.
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