Queue (queue) wrote,

Lazy Queue 2

So apparently you can renew your license online. If I had actually looked at all of the stuff they sent me in the mail, I would have known that earlier. It's weird, though, that you can only renew it online every other time. So, in 2008, I won't be able to do it online. I haven't been able to come up with a good reason for that. Anyway, it's done. $40, and they'll be mailing me my new license. Hmm, I get to keep my old one. Maybe they don't want a bunch of old licenses wandering around out there, so that's why they only let you do it online every other year?

I should find something interesting to do with my old license. I also have my badge from my old work. And I have a military ID card and some ID cards from high school. Hmm, something interesting . . .
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